Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Theater Quilts

We have always told each other stories. . . .

Theaters are special venues for live story-telling through performance: song, dance, music, and/or play acting. The audience has a place to gather and watch; performers are provided a stage and technicians. Costume, special lighting, sound, set design, and props abound. Everything helps create a special effect that enhances the story telling. These elements fuel my imagination as I make pieces with a theatrical theme.

Since 1986, I have made nine theater quilts; four of them are in private collections, three are in corporate collections.

Balancing Act 31x40” quilt ©2010 K Sharp

In the spirit of the show must go on, a toe dancer juggles three balls representing Air, Water, Earth. She struggles to maintain grace and discipline in the face of this enormous risk. (Planet Earth Series)

Above: Balancing Act detail

Telling Stories 44x44” quilt ©2003 K Sharp

In this imagined theatrical production, esteemed participants gather from afar in a neutral place to share stories and to conduct the work of State in a civilized manner. (collection Kaiser Permanente Hospital CA)

The Wish 28x32” quilt ©2006 K Sharp

A theater and set design for scene from an imagined musical production.

Rehearsal 43x54" quilt ©2000 K Sharp (private collection)