Sunday, October 13, 2019


Among traditional quilt designs, the 9-Patch is one I have most often explored.

Council of Six 73x71”
Poets suggest birds are spirit messengers at times bridging inner and outer realms of experience, one informing the other to benefit the Whole. The layers in this quilt reference waypoints and touchstones -- a gathering up of life events, daydreams, and places of solitude. Recalling them involves a synthesis of known/unknown, reality/imagination.

Earthwatch 72x55”
Earthwatch grew out of concern about environmental destruction in general and by that of modern warfare in particular.  The stunningly beautiful planet Earth is the ‘living ground’ for one and all.   War upends things, with places on Earth sometimes referred to as killing zones as a result. This piece is in a Green Quilt registry. 

Sky Grass Bird

Sky Grass Bird 45x36”
All manner of seasonal birds (including welcome ‘snowbird’ and ‘rainbird’ folks from cold, wet regions) migrate to the Sonoran Desert during its mild winter to revitalize in the outstanding pristine environment.


This series of small quilt studies records events of interest to a main character referred to as “Goat.”

Goat in Sailing Boat 17x17”
Steadfast and with clear intention, explorer Goat sets off on journey.

Kitchen Goat 17x17”
Goat observes and is baffled by the concept of food prep.

Goat Lady 17x17”
Under the gaze of a benevolent goat lady’s influence and impervious to the march of time, Goat and a hitchhiker ply their way in a crescent moon-shaped boat

Goat at Opera 17x17”
Nearly  hidden by foliage at foot of the stage, a curious Goat spends an enjoyable evening at the Opera.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Theater Quilts

We have always told each other stories. . . .
Theaters are special venues for live story-telling through performance: song, dance, music, and/or play acting.The audience has a place to gather and watch; performers are provided a stage and technicians. Costume, special lighting, sound, set design, and props abound. Everything helps create a special effect that enhances the story telling. These elements fuel my imagination as I make pieces with a theatrical theme.

Since 1986, I have made nine theater quilts; four of them are in private collections, three are in corporate collections.

Balancing Act 31x40” quilt ©2010 K Sharp
In the spirit of the show must go on, a toe dancer juggles three balls representing Air, Water, Earth. She struggles to maintain grace and discipline in the face of this enormous risk. (Planet Earth Series)

Above: Balancing Act detail

Telling Stories 44x44” quilt ©2003 K Sharp
In this imagined theatrical production, esteemed participants gather from afar in a neutral place to share stories and to conduct the work of State in a civilized manner. (collection Kaiser Permanente Hospital CA)

The Wish 28x32” quilt ©2006 K Sharp
A theater and set design for scene from an imagined musical production

Rehearsal 43x54" quilt ©2000 K Sharp (private collection)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Above: bluelagoon.redbird, collage quilt 48 x 48"" ©KSharp 2010

Will pristine, wild spaces be conserved for future generations to discover anew? (Planet Earth Series)

Detail (right) and quilt back (left) for bluelagoon.redbird

June 11 - August 8 2010
The Arizona Designer Craftsmen, one of the oldest craft guilds in the country, was organized in 1959 to foster contemporary craft statewide. This landmark anniversary event features pieces from 50 local artists who work in traditional craft mediums including ceramics, fiber, basketry, metal, wood, glass, jewelry, papermaking and book arts.

Learn more about Arizona Designer Craftsmen, a resource for the collector, the curator, and for both the emerging craft artist as well as the established, many of whom are at the forefront of their fields.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Safe Passage

Safe Passage, collage quilt 48 x 48" ©K Sharp 2009
Vessels or spirit boats continuously ply their way as they go about the important work - silent and unseen - of safely conveying souls, dreams, and intentions from one realm to another.

ART THAT HEALS at Tohono Chul Park exhibition hall, Tucson AZ March 11-May 16, 2010